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Get formatting template for your Journal Paper 100% compliant with SAGE Author guidelines. Click on any Journal below to get an example of a formatted Journal Paper complete with SAGE citation styles, references and mandatory research paper sections.

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Default template for SAGE articles

Publihser: SAGE View Format Used by 934 researchers

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Open

Publihser: SAGE View Format Used by 236 researchers

Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association

Publihser: SAGE | Impact Factor: 0.739 View Format Used by 744 researchers

Psychology of Music

Publihser: SAGE | Impact Factor: 1.448 View Format Used by 955 researchers

Insight on Africa

Publihser: SAGE | Impact Factor: No SNIP Issued View Format Used by 372 researchers

International Journal of Rural Management

Publihser: SAGE | Impact Factor: 0.045 View Format Used by 864 researchers

Integrative Medicine Insights

Publihser: SAGE View Format Used by 669 researchers

New Media & Society

Publihser: SAGE | Impact Factor: 2.524 View Format Used by 278 researchers

Journal of Building Physics

Publihser: SAGE | Impact Factor: 1.064 View Format Used by 624 researchers

Research on Aging

Publihser: SAGE | Impact Factor: 1.279 View Format Used by 737 researchers